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I spent a lot of time on WeHeartIt and Pinterest. I love the pictures, the inspiration or the funny things that pass by when I'm scrolling. And sometimes there is that one picture that says something that makes me think like: "yeah.. this is so true".
And these 3 quotes got me thinking just like that.
(In this post all the photo's are from WeHeartIt)

I love quotes like this and I've a whole collection full of it. And today I scrolled through my WeHeartIt collection and I just thought, why not sharing these quotes with you? I hope that at least one of these quotes got you thinking like: "Yeah... this is so true." And that it brightens your thoughts for today. Do you also get inspired and/or motivated by quotes on WeHeartIt or Pinterest?

Xx Rianne

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2 reacties

  1. I'm always on Pinterest looking up quotes. There are definitely some great ones to live by :) x

  2. I love searching for quotes and write them down in my planner :) my favourite one is: "if you think you can or can't you are right!"

    Pink Demure


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