Thursday, 21 May 2015

5SOS Concert and Meeting Hey Violet

Yes you read that well, the title says 'meeting Hey Violet'! I met them!!! More accidently then prepared. Tuesday a lot of classes were cancelled. And me being a fan girl got the amazing idea to go to Amsterdam in hope to meet 5 Seconds Of Summer or Hey Violet. But I always get lost. I even get lost in my own village... So when I arrived in Amsterdam I thought it was a better idea to go shopping. At least I know where the Kalverstraat is. So I went shopping and I tried on a lot of clothes but I didn’t bought anything…

I got tired of shopping and I went walking. Still hoping to find 5SOS. But then I found three little 11 year old fans and I talked with them and then I brought them home because it was already past 8pm. And then I had no idea where I was. So I just started walking towards the centre of Amsterdam. (At least I thought I was walking in the right direction.) And while trying to find the way back I suddenly saw Nia’s red/orange hair. And I thought this can’t be… But yes, it was true. I talked to Casey, Nia, Rena and their mum. I also hugged them! And Casey gives reeaaalllly good hugs!! Hihi (Miranda wasn’t there. I think she stayed in the hotel.) They also helped me finding my way back to the train station. Because I was completely caught off guard meeting them, I forgot to ask for a picture :( So stupid. But I was just so surprised! I even turned around to find them again but they disappeared in the crowd and I couldn’t find them anymore.
Luckily there was a hangout on Wednesday so I still got a photo with Hey Violet!!
By Ziggo Dome I also talked to their mum and when I thanked her for helping me finding the way back to the train station she recognised me and we talked a little. 

The moment Ana recognised me :)

Then Wednesday may 20th. The day I’ve been waiting for, for almost a year. Finally I could go and see 5SOS. First I went to Hey Violets acoustic hangout. Then I had to wait for hours until the doors opened. And I finally sat down on a chair instead of the cold ground outside. First Hey Violet came and then 5 Seconds Of Summer. It was awesome and I’ve been dancing and singing from the moment they started till the end. It was amazing and I had the best time of my life. I went alone there and I met three lovely girls who I’ve spent the day with and bought some merchandise with. The T-shirt is so cool!!!! And the girl next to me in Ziggo Dome was lovely too. I forgot their names but we had fun. (I went alone because my little sis had her exams and wasn’t allowed to come :( Next time we’re going together!!) One of my favourite songs is Wrapped Around Your Finger and it was amazing to hear it live!! This was the second time I saw 5SOS live. Last year at One Directions WWA Tour I saw them live for the first time. It was awesome seeing them again but now headlining their own tour.

I’ve tried to take photos but I was little bit to small so almost all my photos have heads and arms in them from the people in front of me. The best photos are those from the screens above the stage.
But I don't mind because it's not about the photos. I had the best time of my life and that the main point of that day!!!!

Xx Rianne

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