Monday, 30 November 2015

I Have A New Camera!

Nearly two months ago (is it already that long ago?!) me and my family went to Barcelona. Before we went I wanted to buy the Canon eos 1200D camera body so I could finally have my own camera instead of leaning the camera of my brothers’ girlfriend all the time. My own camera body died when I bought it second hand of someone. So I went to a shop to buy it and I found out that they didn’t have it store anymore. I asked them to order it for me and they did and they told me I would have it in four days. Just before the trip I would have it and I was so happy. But it turned out that the four days became 1,5 months!!!

But now after that waiting time, I finally got my body and I’m so happy that I’m going to show it off here. Well, actually I’m just showing a picture of my camera. (Like you don’t know what it looks like…) I can’t tell you a lot about my camera, because I still have to earn so much about it. But I really hope I learn quickly, and make good photos. I’m so happy I finally have my own camera!!! Look at it! I bought the black version and I think it's beautiful! :)

If you’ve got a SLR camera too - and if you want to – share your tips and tricks in the comments below! It’ll probably make a lot of things easier for me and everyone else who is a starter and really needs some tips to do a bit more with an expensive SLR camera then just pushing a button on automatic focus!

From now on I hope my photoskills will get better and better!

Xx Rianne

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