Friday, 8 December 2017

Movie Review: Wonder

‘Be kind, because everybody fights their own battles’

Wonder. The moment I saw this trailer I was sold. I had to go and see this movie. And I wasn’t disappointed. The story is about a young boy Auggie (August Pullman) who is born with a very rare condition which makes him look different than all the other kids. His mom home-schooled him but at some point she thinks it’s time for him to go to a regular school. We follow him through his school year. And the most wonderful thing about this movie is, that we don’t only follow him. The movie is parted in chapters, which all revolve around Auggie but with a different point of view.
We also see Via’s point of view who is his sister, we see Via’s best friend and Auggie’s first friend point of view.

The movie shows us how we are biased when we see someone’s behaviour or face. For example: we see the bully, and all the time we wonder why he is such an asshole to poor Auggie. But then we see his parents, and the puzzle pieces come together. Just like Via’s best friend. Why ded she suddenly stopped talking to Via who is her best friend?

By seeing their point of view we see their pain and battles in their own life. First we only saw Auggie and cried with him and got angry at the world. But then we see other people’s life and your opinion changes.

Just like one of the last lines of the movie: ‘Be kind, because everybody fights their own battles’

Also I should not forget the main actors: Jacob Tremblay, Owen Wilson, Izabela Vidovic and Julia Roberts.
They deserve an A+ for their work. And the other kids in this movie too. It’s not cringy seeing them saying their lines. It so believable when they're being mean or being kind. I was sitting with a huge smile on my face when they smiled, when jokes were made and only just a second later I was crying with them or shocked. This movie is so well done that I told my friend that if my sisters or mom wants to go and see this movie that I’ll go with them. I would love to see this movie again!

And the best thing about this movie is, that it’s understandable for kids AND adults. The lesson about this is that we shouldn’t judge anyone. Not by their looks or behaviour. Everybody has their own story. It’s a movie rated 6+. So if you’re a mother or father, you can take your kid too. It’s a wonderful movie with some really good life lessons in it for old and young.

Xx Rianne

Monday, 4 December 2017

Life Update: Struggling With Social Anxiety & Depression

I'm back. It took me months, but I'm back. And I want to explain to you why I suddenly disapeared and barely blogged since March.

It happened at the end of April when I broke. I had been pretending I was okay for way too long (I certainly wasn't okay.) I didn't know how 'okay' felt anymore. I constantly felt tired and confused and I was negative about myself and just felt lost. I barely got excited for things. I never did things with fun. I felt like a robot. And so, after my mom advised me when I finally told her how I felt, I went to see a doctor. And after seeing the doctor and going to a therapist it turned out that I was on the edge of a depression and had social anxiety.

So I decided (with help from my therapist of course) to literally stand still. I finished my internship and school projects last semester and focused on recovering. And now after more than a half year I decided that I'm going to pick up things that I really like to do. Because doing nothing isn't who I am.

I'm always doing something. And one of those 'somethings' is blogging. So I took time to plan stuff and to make a little schedule and I thought that I'll start posting when I felt like was the good time. And I think the time is right now. I'm finally feeling better and picking up (school)life again. Therapy is over and the therapist said I was strong enough to battle the world on my own strength again!!

I really want you to understand that I'm still going through rough times. I can't promise blogposts every Monday even though I made a schedule and have lots of new ideas. Writersblocks are lurking everywhere. As soon as I feel a little bit 'off'' I'm in this downwards spiral of unhappiness. And everything I do sucks in my opinion and that makes me feel bad. And then I do nothing just so I feel less like a failure. Which means no blogpost, no schoolwork, no life, no going out. Which also doesn't make me feel better of course... But I'm doing much better now only I still have those bad days but I have them less and less often!

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I've decided to post this blogpost because I have a period in which I feel really good. But I still have ups and downs. I hope that this blog can be my happy place again. And that I can slowly keep up with blogging and my life. I will try to post every monday but I have to put as less pressure as possible on myself, because I freak out very easily when I promise something and can't make it true... So that you know, I'm back but I'm still batteling with weird feelings.

We'll see what's going to happen. I just thought I had to let you know.
This blogpost went up this earlier this year but I took it ofline because I underrestimated my situation. It took me way longer to get better than I expected.(So this is the edited version)

So... I think I'm back on track and I love you all and hope you’re doing much better than I do. And if not, you must know that it's okay to feel different than happy because lots of people do feel like that and do have struggles. And if you feel like you need someone to talk to, you can talk to me by email and know that you can talk to your doctor, a person at school, your parents, friends or anonymous on special websites. Just google and you'll find a website in your own language that can help you professionally with your problem.
Don't be like me and hide these feelings from the world. It's not helping, I can tell you... Talking is the best option! Because there is help out there and you can get better!

Ps: I’m a little bit sorry that I didn't tell you this before and that I just stayed quiet. But it's just that I’m comfortable saying this now. I hope you understand.

Love you lots!

Xx Rianne

Friday, 21 July 2017

Movie Review: Dunkirk

Yesterday my sister and I suddenly decided that we wanted to see Dunkirk. I had been talking about this movie since I had seen the trailer. And yesterday my sister visited and then we said to each other. Today Dunkirk is finally in our movie theatre so let’s go!

I’m never excited to see a war movie. But I’m always curious to what the story is. I didn’t really know the story of Dunkirk, just like when I went to Hacksaw Ridge. What really happened there? What is the (his)story? And I knew that this wouldn’t be a ‘fun’ movie to watch just like Hacksaw Ridge.

Still my curiosity kept bubbling inside me and so we bought our tickets and as soon as the movie started it captured me. Nothing was said for a long time. The introduction to the characters was us watching them doing their thing: survive.

The movie has three story lines. One is the soldiers on the beach waiting to go home, another one is about spitfire pilots and the other one is about a British man with his son and a friend on their boat on the way to Dunkirk to pick up the soldiers waiting there. The further you get into the movie the closer the storylines come together. At first it can be a little confusing but watch and see how all the storylines are connected.

I didn’t know all the actors. I only knew Harry Styles because of my One Direction fan girl time... I had a little doubt about Harry but still tried not to be too biased. It wasn’t that I doubted his acting skills, it was more that he would have been put in the movie because he has the name and fame. But Harry did a really good job. Just like the others guys. They’re all splendid actors.

What really is special about this movie is the way it has been filmed. It’s slow, it captures details and the camera work is fantastic. Also there is not much added drama between character. the situation they're all in is enough. This movie got me from the moment it started. And the music was terrific. Hans Zimmer did a wonderful job in creating such good (nerve wrecking) music.
Also, this movie hasn’t much fighting or horrible slaughter scenes in it like Hacksaw Ridge has. This story has been told in a very different way. People around us didn’t really like that. There’re were four girls in front of us and they were specifically there to see Harry Styles. They were constantly telling each other very loudly that they didn’t understood the movie and that it was boring. (Very annoying!) And behind us was a group of guys that – I think – expected to see some violent and bloody movie. So they we’re also very disappointed and also said numerous times out loud that they didn’t quite understood what was happening. Other people on the other hand, were just like us, enjoying the movie, learning about a war story that hasn’t much been told in our history books.

So for a fun evening, this isn’t the right movie I think. It’s more of an infotainment movie. I think it’s just like every other war movie. Think about Saving Privet Ryan, One Bridge too Far, and Hacksaw Ridge. It’s a war movie. Based on history and some are even true stories. Wonderful and painful to watch at the same time. I think that is the best I can describe this movie with.

Have you seen Dunkirk? And what did you think of it?

Xx Rianne