Hello everybody!

Since I love writing and study journalism at the Christian University for Applied Sciences. I started a blog where I could write whatever I want to write. School didn’t let me write about the topics what had my interest but supported to start project of you own. And here I’m free to talk about my passions. I love to read, to travel, to watch movies and I experiment a little with beauty products.

I also write Life Updates in which I’m telling you what the student life is for a 21 year old journalism student. I talk about what is bothering me, worries me or makes me happy. My blog is a mixing bowl of my passions and everything that comes in my mind to blog about and I hope that you enjoy reading my blogposts as much I enjoy creating and sharing them!

Xx Rianne

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Please note that when there are posts with a star (*) behind a brand name that these posts are sponsored or gifted. All the other products I discuss are bought by myself.

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